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Grandma’s Fairy Tales

June, 12 - June, 16 2024 June, 19 - June, 23 2024

About the event

“I close my eyes and in my memories I walk through my grandmother’s garden, smelling the scent of flowers and currants. She always had a garden full of flowers that smelled captivatingly sweet. But I remember her hands perhaps most of all, they were wrinkled and tender. When I think of my grandmother, I feel a smile on my face, my heart is filled with love and I feel a sense of security in my soul…”

Memories of childhood and beautiful times in the kind embrace of grandmother are among the ones we carry with us all our lives. It is important for us to cherish and remember them so that they remain part of our being forever. So for inspiration for this year’s Fairy Tale Castle, we went to grandmothers, grandmothers and grandmothers and their wisdom.
Together we will remember their kind caresses, healing embraces and wisdom experienced. We will learn how to help tired and aching souls through the healing combination of traditional tales and the magical power of herbs.


Pre tento ročník autori spomedzi množstva rozprávok Boženy Nemcovej vybrali tri príbehy:

  • O železnom kniežati
  • Je na svete spravodlivosť
  • Cesta k slncu

The fairy-tale castle is one big fascinating theatrical performance that takes place in an atypical setting. The classical theatre stage is replaced by the authentic building of Bojnice Castle. The story does not take place on one stage. The performers, together with the audience, walk through the castle, stopping at individual specially arranged and adapted places. Selected rooms and courtyards form temporary scenes where the stories take place. The plot is moved forward by a smooth transition from one scene to the next.

The event is only available in the Slovak language.




Entrance fee