Evening tours of the castle

Unconventional evening tour with its old castle legends and a guide in the historical costume, sometimes only in the light of the candle.

Duration of the tour - 75 minutes.

The minimum number of visitors for booking is 15 persons. Foreign language commentary during night tours is free of charge.

Booking for at least 15 visitors can be done by email to: rezervacie@bojnicecastle.sk at least 3 business days prior to arrival.

It is absolutely necessary to arrive at the booked time. If the group is late more than 15 minutes, the entrance will be cancelled.

Admission fee:

Evening tour
Adult (1 person) 11,00 €
Child bellow 18 years (July and August)*

7,00 €

Child bellow 18 years (September to June)*

11,00 €

*The tour is not suitable for children under 6 years.