SNM- Bojnice Castle Museum is a pioneer when it comes to cultural events.

Towards the end of the last century, the museum struggled with a significant drop in the number of visitors. That could have brough the museum to its knees. Fortunately enough, the management at the time came up with a plan how to attract people back – guided tours were introduced and the premises could be rented for various social and cultural events. The museum decided to look for new ways, innovative approaches and creative procedures. The changes really did attract people back.

Not only that – also foreign media started to pay attention to the castle and the museum. At that time, it was necessary to attract visitors also outside summer months. That is why the museum expanded its offer and organized various cultural and social events throughout the year. The number of visitors continued to rise.

The museum has been transformed into a center of cultural and social events. The then-management of the museum is credited for building solid foundations for cultural tourism. Now, the museum is a center for creating and learning, where social and cultural events come to life.

Events at the castle