Weddings, renting premises

Bojnice Castle with its romantic architecture is a perfect place for wedding ceremonies. Civil marriage ceremonies take place in the Golden Hall.

Golden Hall

The Golden Hall got its name thanks to its beautiful ceiling carved from pine wood and gilded with gold leaves and adorned 183 angelic faces looking at the wedding guests from the ceiling. In the center of the ceiling is a medallion with an angel holding the coat of arms of the Pálffy family.

If you are interested in getting married in the Golden Hall of Bojnice Castle, please, get in touch with the Bojnice Registry Office to agree on details.

To rent the hall for the wedding ceremony, please, get in touch with the Department of Communication, Marketing and Visitor Services (

Ticket price:

Wedding ceremony
337 €
Wedding ceremony, if a bride or a groom is a citizen of Bojnice (40% discount)
204 €
Wedding ceremony, if both bride and groom are citizens of Bojnice (60% discount)
138 €